Winter at the Wadden


Every year I have to visit the Wadden nature reserve and preferably the island of Schiermonnikoog. Usually I’m going during wintertime because it is less crowded and you have nicer light (but also bigger chance of bad weather). Here are some pics from this year’s trip. Above is a sunset above the Westerstrand on the North side of the Island, close to the lighthouse (below).


Another sunset over the sandflats at the beach on the North Sea side of the island. This panorama consists of three photographs taken right after the sun had set and stitched together in Photoshop.

A star trail at night above the beacon in the Kobbeduinen. An experiment and first test in star trails. It’s hard to find spots in The Netherlands without light pollution, but this remote part of the island is a good location. I was afraid the lighthouse beam would still be visible, but that proved to be no problem at all.

Old shed


During a visit to the island of Texel, the weather hadn’t decided yet if it was spring or winter, if it was sunshine or snowing. This resulted in some dramatic landscapes with dark skies combined with sunlight.


Texel Lighthouse

Lighthouse at the island of Texel

Arctic Wad

Sheets of ice flakes in the Waddensea at Schiermonnikoog.

Schiermonnikoog Lighthouse

Last February, like almost every year, I visited the island of Schiermonnikoog in the Waddensea region in the north of The Netherlands. Each time I visit the island, I have to take some pictures of the lighthouse. I love its classic design and red color and its location is really pitoresque with two small cottages nearby. This year I went out in the evening to see if I could capture the light of the lighthouse. Although it was freezing cold I took a series of pictures of which the above is an example. I love the way the light beams are pointing in different directions and how you can see the path through the dunes leading to the lighthouse. On the horizon you can see a bit of ‘light pollution’ coming from the island’s village. For this picture I used a tripod and remote shutter to avoid camera shake.

Here’s another picture of the lighthouse I took during summer last year. It’s taken almost from the same position in the dunes.