Some proper winter images

Although it was raining when I arrived at the heathland of the Renderklippen in the Veluwe it proved to be worth the short walk in the rain to get to some nice spots just before sunset.


Blossoming Heather


A warm summer evening at the Renderklippen in the Veluwe nature reserve with luscious blossoming Heather plants.


Sunset over the Waddensea


A colorful sunset over the Waddensea at the village of Paesens-Moddergat in Friesland, The Netherlands. Moddergat, meaning ‘mud hole’, lived up to its name, as I had to clean the sticky mud from my shoes, clothes and tripod.


Sunset at the lake

A sunset on a monday afternoon in winter. This location is rather close to where I live and is a new nature reserve used by various waterbirds (100s of swans). I can’t wait to get my kayak out again in summer to paddle in between the small islands and lagunes.

I used a 9-stop Neutral Density filter to smoothen the water surface and a graduated ND filter to even out the light from the sky and the foreground. Combined this resulted in a shutter speed of 13 seconds at iso 100 and f/11 at 24mm.

A colorful sunset


Dramatic sunsets. I love them. Especially in autumn and winter. Last friday, when driving home, I decided to take a little detour. I ended up at the ‘Renderklippen’, an area in the Veluwe nature reserve in The Netherlands with small hills covered in Heather plants. There was some mist coming from the ground, giving the landscape a mysterious atmosphere.

I used a Hitech ND grad filter to make sure the sky and lower parts of the landscape received an even exposure. When using these filters I always use a tripod because you end up with exposure times of around half a second during sunsets like these (iso 100). You could of course choose for a higher iso level, but in my experience mist and high iso levels are no friends.