Winter landscapes


Some proper winter days in January with frost on the trees and a thin layer of snow on the ground. Here some landscapes around Kampen of the last moments of the wintry atmosphere before the snow melted and the frost came setting down from the trees.


A Summer's Day


Last saturday the weather forecast showed an approaching thunder storm in the early afternoon. So I went out to capture the incoming storm over the nearby Flevoland landscape. After two minutes after making the above panorama picture (5 photos stitched together) the sky went black and heavy rain came falling down. So I hurried back to the car and went home.

Although the rest of the afternoon the light outdoors was pretty dull, just before sunset it became interesting again. I made a panorama of my hometown from a spot on the city bridge that I use often. After the sun set and I thought it was time to go home but I decided to take a little detour to see if the lakes at Kampereiland would still be interesting to shoot. That’s where I made the third picture, a panorama of the serene landscape.

Now it was really time to go home and relax. But just after I went to bad a huge thunderstorm broke loose. So I found myself at 02.30 at night standing under a bridge trying to capture some lightning bolts. So there you have it. Four pictures made on the same day (ok, technically the last one was made the next day).






Sometimes you don’t have to travel far to capture some beauty in nature. These photos were all taken within two kilometers of my house in Kampen, at the Zwartendijk. I used ND grad filters to get a better light balance between the sky and the foreground and of course a tripod to avoid camera shake.




Winter in the IJsseldelta

Trees in the IJsseldelta near Zalk on a cold winter morning.