Hawk Owl

A rare sighting: the Hawk Owl


A few weeks ago, a forester from Zwolle, The Netherlands post a rare sighting on Twitter. He’d seen a Hawk Owl or Northern Hawk Owl sitting on a lamppost in Zwolle. The news was picked up by the media and the next day bird watchers from all over The Netherlands came to Zwolle to have a look at the little owl and possibly take a picture. Although the Hawk Owl is a unusual visitor, he normally lives in the northern holarctic, he seems to feel right at home, as he’s still there, a few weeks after the first sighting.

Last week, when the weather was good, I headed out to make a short video of the Hawk Owl. I used the Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 with a 1.7 converter and the Nikon V1 camera (for the 2.7 crop factor). The Hawk Owl is constantly surrounded by large numbers of bird paparazzi, but he doesn’t seem to mind all the attention. As long as he can catch a mouse every now and then he’s happy.