Where do stock photos go?

"So what happens to your photos. Do you know who buys them?" people often ask me. Sadly the answer is that I don't know. One of the biggest downsides of being a stock photographer is that you don't know how and where your images are used. Sure, you can search your images with Google Image Search, but that only lets you find a limited number of online applications of your photographs. So I was pleasantly surprised when I came across one of my stock photos in my local supermarket. The photo of the Bovenkerk and Broederkerk in my hometown Kampen is used by local coffee company Campenaer on their packaging for their tasty Campenaer 1441 coffee beans.


Furthermore, the company uses another Kampen city view panorama stock photo on their website www.campenaerkoffie.nl (in Dutch).



The images put to use by Campenaer is a great example of how stock photos can be used in multiple ways. Because the photos are Royalty Free the customer pays for a license once to use the photo for multiple purposes as opposed to paying and asking permission for each different use. So besides using my images on their packaging and website, the photo of Kampen is also used on the sign outside the coffee tasting venue of Campenaer coffee.


You can find more of my local stock potos in the IJsseldelta lightbox at iStock:

Pasted Graphic